How many roses

Installation for The Shock of the New, first edition of the Young Blood Initiative. Exhibited in December ’14 at OT301, Amsterdam.

How many roses?

Transparent plastic wrap, paper ribbon.

Space is becoming extraordinarily dense… perhaps it is revealing us something… should we take it or it is a mirage?

The work aims to reflect on how the new ways of communication are distorting our perception of reality. Because…

Don’t you feel the space is over saturated of information? that invisible parallel world we have created in our obsession for having everything everywhere, for being more than we are? are our minds simply thinking loudly and trusting that the others are thinking of the same, from our more remote isolation?
And don’t you think that amount of information is usually just judgments, titles, frames, wrappings, echoes that, although intangible, by the overlapping make reality to loose its clarity instead of helping to understand it?
Also, us, aren’t we right know finding difficult to recognize and interact with each other here because that sort of fog or mirage in between? is it our replicas in the other world? better, prettier, smarter, richer? our wrappings?
Have we really fallen in our own trap and we are now unable to tell the difference between these two worlds, mistaking the wrapping by what is wrapped? the mean by the end? a representation by the original?

Surrealism stated “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” with a picture of a “pipe”, and now we are in a further step, back, trickier, more confusing and, by the way, far more ridiculous. Stay calm, don’t fall asleep though. Just be aware and calm. And if you want to free yourself, try to answer my question again:


10846628_10152588228672684_872533558_n  10866912_10152588226177684_911193993_n 10866929_10152588227327684_110024284_n  10872271_10152588247657684_152435595_n  10841215_10152588247912684_1074122704_n  10841227_10152588234942684_1860414373_n  10867043_10152588247867684_1100500283_n  10863646_10152588247472684_1171358827_n  10872527_10152588228632684_187660337_n  10836628_10152588227637684_1273536493_n

Of course, no one.

Pictures by Adriana Ochoa.


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