Nostalgia I & II

Works for The Vinyl Art Project [].


– “¿A dónde irán las canciones cuando ya no suenan más?”
“Where will songs go to when they are not played anymore?”
(La mujer que no, Maderita, Vivir para creer, 2009) –

Wool, cotton, synthetic threads and pieces of vinyls. Crochet and sewing.

NOSTALGIA is one of the first feelings that comes to my mind if I think about vinyls.

NOSTALGIA is a contradiction. A gap between the dream of the emotions of the past and the present reality.

The knitted blood of the vinyl, as a symbol of manual work, analogic technologies, is my weapon to try to mend and join those two, apparently irreconciliable, situations. Dust of sweet sounds and memories of the past, but spiderwebs and old broken mechanisms now here.

Unexpectedly, all of a sudden, past is melting with the present scaping from the frustation of the NOSTALGIA and creating a brand new situation. Dust maybe is not old dust but our present emotions which need to turn into new sounds. They are attracted by the strange beauty and simplicity of that stain that broken object is drawing on the floor creating a flow, a dialog between us and the vinyl.

Probably those emotions of ours are the secret of vinyls, what makes them truly work, what makes them exist. And so we are here now, while we are looking at it, ready to bring the vinyl back to life again (if it can ever truly die). Enjoy the miracle…

*1st edition, July ’14 at The MixtUp Project:

img23610567593_10152291498657684_1788507321_n10565721_10152291496622684_1401568559_n  10568035_10152291496902684_762713555_n

*2nd edition, October 2014 at The MixtUp Project, as a part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE):

img23110686851_929499130396864_3134641963881619623_n 10710796_929498243730286_3641161696070407745_n 10513329_929498817063562_4041846304333110952_n

Pictures by Teresa Castro, Adriana Ochoa.


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