2013 – La Cuna de la Crisálida (model). Collective exhibition of the proposals for the local competition Concurso de Fogueres Experimentales, Colegio de Arquitectos, Alicante.

2014 – Installations Nostalgia y Nostalgia II for The Vinyl Art Project, MixtUp Project, one of the editions included in the Amsterdam Dance Festival, Amsterdam.

2014 – () – Textile installations artist at the international and interdisciplinary art collective Young Blood Initiative, currently mainly based in Amsterdam and London:

Dec 2014 – First edition: The Shock of the New. Presentation of the installation How Many Roses, at OT301, Amsterdam.

Feb 2015 – Second editiom: Love Machine. Presentation of the installation Love Machine, OT301, Amsterdam.

Apr 2015 – Third edition: Synthetic Human. Presentation of the installation Beat Beat Bit + collaborative performance Trancemutation of the Beat (Dancer Raoul Germano, saxo player Bera Romairone, cellist Gábor Hartyáni), OT301, Amsterdam.

Jun 2015 – Forth edition: Loose Lips Sink Ships. Presentation of the installation Voodoo Dress + collaborative performance (dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle, cellist Gábor Hartyáni), Oranje Kerk, Amsterdam.

Nov 2015 – Fith edition: The First Blossom. Participation with the installations Voodoo Dress y Beat Beat Bit and their collaborative performances, Bart Invites Gallery, Amsterdam.

May 2016 – Sixth edition: Exodus. Presentation of the installation + collaborative performance Bless You For Your Fear (cellist Gábor Hartyáni), Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam.

Other collective exhibitions:

Nov 2016 – Se Alquila: Margen. Bless You For Your Fears installation, auditorio de la casa de campo, Madrid.

Nov 2016 – Art Lover Ground. Voodoo Dress installation, Mutuo, Barcelona.

Ene 2017 – Concurso Propuestas. Bless You For Your Fear installation, Centro14, Alicante.

2015 – 2017 – Individual exhibitions and performances:

Love Machine, The Waterhouse, Amsterdam.

Voodoo Dress (with collaboration from singer Madara Perkone), Home of Art, Amsterdam.

Voodoo Dress (with collaboration from cellist Gábor Hartyáni and participation of dancers Maya Ichikawa, Dorian Browne, Haruka Tomatsu), DanGan Dance Tours. Café Belcampo, Amsterdam.

Bless You For Your Fear (with cellist Gábor Hartyáni), Max Euweplein, Amsterdam.

Bless You For Your Fear (with cellist Gábor Hartyáni), Home of Art, Amsterdam.

Bless You For Your Fear + Voodoo Dress, Concurso Propuestas, Centro14, Alicante.