Voodoo Dress

Voodoo Dress

Yarn, upcycle T-shirts fabric

With “Loose lips, sink ships” idiom as a starting point, connecting it with the way we share our privacy nowadays, specially in social media, I couldn’t help start seeing our public profiles online as a voodoo doll (or dress) of ourselves, deliberately made, willing to offer it and get hurt, sometimes revealing a big lack of self-confidence.

So the Voodoo Dress is a growing, wearable and participative textile installation questioning the subjects of privacy and individual vs. global identity in the age of social media.

What are we sharing and how does it affect us, if it does? Are our profiles online voodoo dolls of ourselves? our dresses? our shells? are we truly there? or could we recover them and use them to our own benefit? Ultimately, the Dress becomes this ONE collective and powerful mind that is the Internet but where individual identity, in my opinion, is fading away.


*First exhibited as work in progress at Ravi par la Troupe festival. The Netherlands, June 2015.

*Exhibited at Loose Lips Sink Ships edition of Young Blood Initiative at Oranjekerk, Amsterdam, June 2015, together with a performance in collaboration with experimental cellist Gábor Hartyani and dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle.

* Exhibited at Home of Art, Amsterdam, together with a basic crochet workshop and a performance by singer Madara Perkone and audience participation. October, 2015. https://youtu.be/5L9udTy-UZA

*Exhibited at Bart Invites, Amsterdam, The First Blossom edition of Young Blood Initiative, together with a performance in collaboration with experimental cellist Gábor Hartyani and dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle, and audience participation. November 2015.

*Exhibited at Cafe Belcampo, Amsterdam, June 2016, for DanGan Dance Tours project, with collaboration from cellist Gábor Hartyáni and participation of dancers Maya Ichikawa, Dorian Browne, Haruka Tomatsu. 

*Exhibited at Mutuo, Barcelona, November 2016, as part of the collective showcase organised by Art Lover Ground.

Photography by: Kasper Jelaiskis, Jennifer Grube, Denis Guzzo
11667514_495418467288985_4530372148458086180_nDSCN0784   DSCN0794
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